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Journalism refers to the production and distribution of events or happenings that are in trend and has caused great hype. The news gathered requires proper and accurate researching, analyzing, assessing and evaluating before it can be stressed upon. Radio, television and/ or newspaper are all forms of journalism but here we tend to focus on the written journalism merely.

Writing content on journalism means to gather and present information that focuses on only one topic or subject. It aims to deliver and inform its audiences a specific news or event that took place. Therefore, it is devoid of personal biases and carries information that is true and completely impartial and detached from the writer. Consequently, the narrator (writer) acts as a channel to narrate an objective story that aims to raise awareness of the intended news or event based on factual discoveries and studies.

Whether it is a feature story, editorials, blogs or a hyped news, it can be analytical or interpretative form of journalism that reports its readers about the intended topic or event. Writing on journalism serves to inform the public or the readers in general. It is usually targeted to raise awareness in the society as a whole, making no generalizations to any specific gender or age. Hence, a writing piece on journalism is truly fact based without any prejudices.

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