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An essay is a piece of writing on a particular subject or content, presenting an argument, analysis or interpretation with relevant description, supporting facts, opinions and consequences. An essay can be argumentative, descriptive, exploratory, synoptic or analytical in nature. An essay writing can be as formulaic as one can think or as easy as wondering about a particular thing. It aims to structure facts in a way that becomes easy for the reader to read. An essay demands its deliverance in a properly organized structure, using a formal writing technique.

Therefore, it is a piece of technical writing that requires proper attention to details. Selecting a topic requires a purpose that pushes the writer to opt for that content. It will be followed by generous research into the particular topic. Making an outline of the ideas and concepts that are spinning around the writers head is a technique that will allow to zoom into the connections and links that are present in the essay. A thesis statement in an essay is the factor that either wins the game or fails to attract any attention. It not only defines the topic and the purpose of the content but also makes an impact on the reader’s decision to go for a read. Additionally, the introduction, body and the conclusion of an essay together makes or breaks the content as every line needs to be grammatically accurate, with suitable literary vocabulary, relevant and connected to the subject and idea, and properly organized to inform, aware and entertain its readers.

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