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Writing on travel can be more interesting when it falls in the fiction category. Author can add a great deal of fantasy traveling, voyage, expedition and related elements like talking about places, people and adventures.

But what is a fiction traveling book then? It is a book that places great importance for a certain destination or place in connection with the protagonist. The hero here is not the author but the destination. There is a lot that a certain place holds, from its history, people, and architecture to its culture, tradition, cuisine and historic monuments. It is a book that shapes a certain place as the readers see it.

Be it a contemporary travel novel, an expedition through a highway or sailing in a voyage of adventures, a traveling book can digest all that the author comes up with. It can be fun, full of enthusiasm and exciting adventures exploring along the way. A travel book has the capacity to take its readers on the journey it depicts. Just as walking down a road in a strange yet unique town and country can immerse you in the exotic smells, sights and feelings of a place, so too can the author invigorate his writing by attending to these details and writing with the same awareness as he would have been if present there.

Consequently, the readers will indulge and emerge in the bizarre journey that the author will take them through.

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