Fiction Fairy Tale

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Fairy tale

As sweet as it sounds, fairy tales are the most appealing and creative genre that allows the author to add imaginations and adventures of faraway fairy lands. The plot should fulfill all the wishes and end with a triumph over an evil.

A fairytale is good read for kids creativity and bright imagination. Therefore, a customary fairytale needs to have few basic elements to make it a hit among children. A traditional beginning of a fairytale is new for kids of every generation, starting from once upon a time or long ago to a cheerful ending of, they lived happily ever after. This fulfills the motive the motive of simplicity and positivity. As a fairytale is work of fiction, therefore, the story will take place in a distant wonderland, with imaginary characters depicting the feel of wonders and magic. A well written fairytale will aim to deliver optimistic and cheerful message for a developing young mind, therefore, all wishes are granted here and the good wins over the bad.

Consequently, a fairytale is always meant to convey and represent an encouraging message, triumph of loyal and good characters and a blissful life of everyone around.

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