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Writing focused on art requires the author to harness the power of observation and analysis of his readers, through innovative and enticing ideas, concepts, plots and ultimately, an exciting manuscript.

The book focused on art genre takes various directions and subjects under its folds as it includes anything and everything one can imagine. Art is a way of grasping the world, the world that is connected to human and spiritual experience, forming deep connections with the readers. It is a form of writing that is least technical but involves a systematic and methodological writing style and manuscript structure.

Art is something or anything we do, in narrower sense, a verb. It is an expression of the author’s thoughts, emotions, sentiments, instincts, sensitivities, desires and aspirations. Writing on an art genre is about involving and sharing one’s own experiences and perceptions of viewing the world. Alike, sharing your own personal set of spectacles with your readers. For many authors, it is the way they perceive the world or an extension of their own experiences or personalities.

Hence, writing on art genre which is fiction based allows the author to communicate through the medium of words and language and represent and deliver the intimate concepts and thoughts to the readers.

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